Three Temples

Just behind the new outdoor theatre is a row of three small temples. They are dedicated to Ganesh, Shani (Saturn) and Mahadev (Shiva). Baba had them repaired and his local devotee, Tatya Kote Patil, was fond of offering lamps here. The shrines were rebuilt and enlarged in 1999 as part of the re-modelling of the Temple Complex.

The small samadhi of the tiger, commemorated by a statue in Dwarkamai and said to have received mukti from Baba, is a few feet from the Mahadev shrine.

Mahalaxmi Temple: This temple is just beside Pilgrims Inn Hotel (MTDC) on Pimpalwadi Road, about five minutes walk from Dwarkamai. Baba occasionally visited it on his begging rounds and the temple is mentioned in the Sri Sai Satcharitra as Baba once sent a devotee there on an unusual mission. Bala Ganapat Shimpi had tried all sorts of medicine to cure his malaria, but nothing worked and he had a raging fever. Baba gave him a curious prescription: "Give a black dog some rice mixed with curd in front of the Laxmi temple." Shimpi wondered how he would be able to carry out this instruction, but he found the necessary ingredients at home and took them to the temple. There he saw a black dog wagging its tail. The dog ate the proffered food and Shimpi quickly recovered The temple has recently been thoroughly restructured.

Narasimha Temple:This is near the Chavadi next to where Sakharam Shelke's house used to be (one of those from which Baba took bhiksha), and was built by his descendants in the mid-1960s. Its compound houses the samadhis of Sakharam's son and daughter-in-law, and that of Ramgiri Bua

The Kanifnath and Vittal Temples:Baba sometimes stopped at these temples which he passed every day on his way to Lendi Gardens

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