Dwarkamai Masjid

Dwarkamai is located in between Samadhi Mandir and Chavadi – the relaxing place of Master Sai Baba. One gets on his way to Dwarkamai by current Checkpoint No. 3 of Samadhi Mandir Building, near Mukh-darshan. On the other hand one can arrive at Dwarkamai through Checkpoint No. 4 which moves through a jct of stores in a little isle.Opposite to Dwarkamai, one will observe a lengthy row of stores swarmed with broad variety of images of Master Sai Baba in all styles, idols, attractive parts and much more which a reader's thoughts actually think of. Getting near to Dwarkamai, the huge fireplace is noticeable as its first vision.

This easy and unadorned framework created up of metal ceiling and difficult rocks was middle of religious instructions which was selected by Master Sai Baba Himself. It is certainly a issue of shock to anyone and it will be challenging to believe the simple fact it was the locations where the well-known Fakir known as "Sai Baba" invested about 60 decades of His life-span on this world. When Mhlasapti declined to allow this wandering Fakir to create Khandoba forehead His Residence, an old and decayed mosque was determined by Him and it was known as as “Dwarkamai”. Rather, this was already meant and a brilliant phase of Master Baba to join forces Hindu and Islamic team by labeling a mosque after a hub of pilgrimage of Hindus (Dwarka - Area of Master Krishna). This mosque was not limited only to Hindus and Muslims, individuals of every caste, creed, color, belief, sect, intelligence, place were no cost get into, search for religious value according to his potential and come back with articles center.

One would certainly be amazed to see this traditional framework as chair of Extremely Spiritual E of this era and would rather be perturbed to think the factor that this was the very same place where wonders, religious discourses and nurturing activities of beloved Master Baba ran in quivalent variety to its guests cum hunters. One viewpoint which can handle this measures of Master Baba is that He was dispassion incarnate and liked full simpleness with minimal existing and desired to set an example of non-attachment, so what place other than the old and decayed mosque would fit Him? In this mosque His qualities were – a Chilam (smoking pipe), a Satka (small stick), asking dish and a few parts of material on which He used to relax and a Kafni on His body. He used to say, “Fakiri (poverty) is far better than Amiri (Kingship).” Although His supporters (devotees) was adament to carry out fixes to this mosque, He tried to prevent them saying that there is no need for it. The mosque in whatever situation it was, was costlier to Him more than a diamond-studded precious metal framework. For Him, this was actual significance of Kingship and it has been mentioned that He never permitted His lovers to carry cash money or expensive existing articles. This would fury Him to no boundaries, but when easy lovers introduced something to eat for Him and afterwards didn't remember about the factor, the liability of telling the devotee was on back of special Master Baba. Hiss really like ran in large quantity on such events and in convert Master Baba Himself got in financial trouble to offer His special devotee for many births to come alongwith the existing one.

The peculiarity of this mosque as stated earlier is that anyone was free to access it. Suffering bodies and its resident souls experienced that merely going inside this palace of Lord Baba confer blessings and one is free from every misery the very same moment. One always has a feeling of security, calmness, acceptance when he is in his mother’s lap. Lord Baba described greatness of this mosque by naming it as “Maai or Ayi (as said in Marathi language). Henceforth I would also refer it as ‘Mother Mosque’.

See what Master Baba has said about this mom mosque: This is our Dwarkamai, where you are seated. She wards off all risks and stresses of the kids, who sit in her lap. This Masjidmai is very merciful; she is the merciful mom of the easy lovers, whom she will preserve in mishaps. Once a individual rests in her lap, all his problems are over. He, who sets in her color, gets enjoyment.”

One is surely to get enhanced motherly and homely atmosphere in this abode of Lord Baba. But as per His characteristic, He included Himself in His group of devotees and be a One of them! Lord Sai Baba is loving mother to many of His devotees and to many others He is God Supreme. Thus these two are closely synthesized in Lord Baba – a mother who looks after smallest of smallest domestic need of His child and the Supreme One Who is always concerned about spiritual upliftment of His devotees.

Dwarkamai Masjid 1898:When Lord Baba moved to this dilapidated mosque, it was sheer small and not like the one which we see today. Rather, only the upper level existed where Lord Baba has settled and started to live like ordinary Fakir mortals. Few rich devotees thought of getting mosque repaired. With initial opposition of Lord Baba, they succeeded in getting permission through Bhagat Mhlasapti who intervened and pressed Lord Baba to accept request of His dear devotees. Shri Gopal Gund thought that he should repair and renovate the Masjid. But this work was not assigned to him. This was reserved for Nanasaheb Chandorkar and the pavement work for Kakasaheb Dixit. His permanently shifting to dwarkamai was in fact a turning point of His life and also the village as a whole because it marked close contact with local residents of Shirdi.

Saibaba In Dwarkamai:After sometime a unusual and amazing occurrence drawn the villager’s interest and thereby they came to know about some unnatural capabilities current in this so known as mad Fakir. The occurrence has been read in Shri Sai Satcharitra and it has been very well-known, that these days also it is being recalled and has got place in designs of many bhajan lines authors, artwork of performers and documents of broad variety of authors.

After this occurrence many leelas followed leading to a ongoing increase of lovers and the trend has not ceased ever since then. It noticeable success of excellent over wicked, simple fact over falsity, lighting over night. Dwarkamai is thus always lit with lighting, lighting being a icon of understanding and religious wiseness. Here is finish edition of this story: Sai Baba was very attached to lighting. He used to gain accessibility oil from shop-keepers, and keep bulbs losing the whole evening in the Masjid and forehead. This went on for a while. The Banias, who provided oil free, once met together and determined not to provide Him oil. When, as regular, Sai Baba went to ask for oil, they all offered Him a unique “No”. Unperturbed, Sai Baba came back to the Masjid and kept the dry draws in the bulbs. The banias were looking at Him with fascination. Sai Baba took the Tumrel (tin pot) which provided very little (a few drops) of oil, put drinking water into it and consumed it and pressured it drop in the package. After consecrating the tin-pot in this way, He again took drinking water in the tin-pot and loaded all the bulbs with it and lit up them. To the shock and surprise of the looking at Banias, the bulbs began to get rid of and kept losing the whole evening. The Banias repented and apologized. Sai Baba forgave them and requested them to be more genuine later on.

Dwarkamai Present:The Dwarkamai of today consists of two levels – the upper and lower one. The upper level consists of Dhuni Maa, A Puja Pillar, Water Pot on Stand, Kolamba underneath it, Nimbar, A Grinding Stone and Sack of Wheat Grains, Cupboard containing Chilams, a Large Portrait of Lord Baba – a living image of posture in which Lord Baba used to sit in Dwarkamai, Padukas in front of the Portrait, Dakshina Box and a bathing stone and lower level consists of A Tulsi Brindavan, Lord Baba’s portrait in His Sweet Posture and the stone on which He used to sit, Animal statues of a tiger and horse, A Tortoise tile, The Cooking hearth (Chula) and Wooden Post, Padukas where Baba used to Stand, Storage room and The Bell.

The lower level of mother mosque remains open all day and night allowing kids of Lord Baba to sit and rest. During three festivals of Ramnavami, Gurupoornima and Dushera the upper level is also kept open at nights.

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