Bhagoji Shinde's House

Bhagoji was a sort of attendant to Baba, engaged in regular service to him. He was the first to enter the mosque in the early morning, and every day he used to massage first Baba's right arm and then his body. Then he would light a chillim and the two of them would share it. Bhagoji also had the privilege of carrying the umbrella for Baba when he went to Lendi.

When Bhagoji came into contact with Baba he had leprosy. The disease was cured by taking Baba's teerth, though he remained partially disfigured.

Bhagoji's house, known as Shinde Wada, is just behind Laxmibai's house. To find it, turn left out of the Chavadi. Within a few metres you will see Narasinh Lodge on a right-hand corner, with a pair of holy padukas set in the wall. Turn right down this lane, and the compound of Shinde Wada lies on your right, behind a solid old wooden door. Entering, you may see Bhagoji's house in the back right-hand corner. The compound is adjacent to a pharmacy run by a relative of Bhagoji.

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